Goa welcomes people from around the world with open arms and it offers the best of everything, like the best of Goan cuisine, best of natural beauty, best of hospitality, best of water sports, and many other things. Crab catching is another fascinating activity which is enjoyed by the fishermen as well as the tourists. This activity won’t consume your whole day but just a few hours. It starts from 3 pm and continues till 7 pm. In Rs 1999 per person, the trip includes transport, boat ride, cab nets and baits, beer, mineral water, soft drink and snacks.

Crab catching is fun

Crab catching activity is fun because walking through the muddy land and far away from the party zone, far away from the hustle bustle of the city, in a quiet place sitting and catching crabs is just too good. As known, crabs are nested in nooks or rocky bottoms, the technique of catching crabs is quite interesting and will be told to all by the instructors.

The equipment and bait will be provided and you will be told how exactly you can catch a crab and carry it home. Free beers, soft drinks and snacks will be an add-on to this amazing trip. This adventure is something that shouldn’t be missed by any as the time spent sitting and waiting for the crab to grab the bait is so exciting and makes your mood fresh. In a time span of just 4 hours, you will spend the most adventurous moments of your life.

Additional information

IncludesBeer, Boat Ride, Crab Dinner, Crab Nets & Baits, Mineral Water, Snacks, Soft drink, Transport


  • Beer
  • Boat Ride
  • Crab Dinner
  • Crab Nets & Baits
  • Mineral Water
  • Snacks
  • Soft drink
  • Transport