Water Sport Activities at The Beach

Dream adventure offers a lot of packages to have more fun in your trip to Goa. One of the most loved packages is the Water sport activities in the beach. The activities can be enjoyed any time from 9:00 am in the morning till 5:00 pm in the evening. Rs. 2000 per person for the full package which include Jet Ski ride, banana boat ride, bumper boat ride, parasailing ride and one boat ride is free. It takes two hours for all the activities to be enjoyed. Water activities are fun and these two hours will fly and you will wonder how the two hours are over so soon!

Water sport is one of the major attractions for all the travelers travelling to Goa. People love to enjoy the water activities because proper guidance and an instructor is provided.  Parasailing needs courage but once you go with the flow it becomes the best water activity. You will feel like a bird flying high above the sea, watching the pristine crystal clear Arabian Sea from the top. Jet Ski ride is another magnificent water activity which gives a wonderful feeling.

Banana ride and boat ride are simple rides but these are fun too. Bumper boat ride is another fun water activity. People who are scared of water will also leave their fear behind as you will be in safe hands as we have the best instructors. These 2 hours are definitely going to be the best two hours of your life because of the beautiful experience that you will have with this Dream Adventure package.

Additional information

Includes2 Hour Maximum For All Activites, Banana Boat Ride, Boat Ride Complimentary, Bumper Boat Ride, Jet ski ride,, Parasailing Ride


  • 2 Hour Maximum For All Activites
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Boat Ride Complimentary
  • Bumper Boat Ride
  • Jet ski ride,
  • Parasailing Ride